Swimming Pool Covers

Why Use Swimming Pool Covers. Floating Covers are, in effect, heavy-duty, UV-stabilised, blue bubble-wrap. Like all plastics they are affected by UV and eventually they will break down. There are several types and qualities but we recommend that you install only the very best available as this represents the best value for money.

The process of installing a swimming pool cover is this: –

We visit the swimming pool and take accurate measurements, write out a Quotation and, if you are happy with the price we will take a deposit of 50%.

We then make a cover that is slightly larger than your swimming pool and return it to your property. We float the cover on the water; take a pair of scissors, a sharp knife and a deep breath: then cut it exactly to size. We form the cover into the curves of the Roman End, leave cut-outs for ladder steps, etc., always complying with the swimming Pool Industry Safety Guidelines.

We then teach you how to operate it correctly it to get the maximum life-span from your equipment. We can normally complete an installation in 7 – 10 working days

A roller is also required to remove and re-place the cover. The width for a floating swimming pool-cover is limited to 6.6 metres as this is the maximum width spanned by a telescopic roller. Rollers are made from Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Brass and will last for many years. One end is fitted with wheels to enable the roller/cover to be moved away from the swimming pool whilst the cover is removed.

We are fully legal here in Spain and have public liability insurance

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