Summer and one off swimming pool cleaning

No Contract, Summer Swimming Pool Cleaning for Only 25.00 € A Visit

You get all the benefits of our 12 month contract, but only pay for 6 months, ideal if you wish to close your swimming pool down for the winter, i.e. from November to April

We Can Also Offer You A, From Green to Clean Service, Just 85.00€ Or A One Off Swimming Pool Clean For Only 45.00€ A Visit Plus Chemitals, inc IVA

Does your swimming pool look like a swamp or just need a tidy up? We can carry out our “from green to clean” or a one off clean-up to get you back on track!

Sometimes you just need that little extra help with your swimming pool maintenance and that’s where our swimming pool one off clean-up or our “from green to clean” can help. Whether you want someone out to service your swimming pool regularly or it is just a one off call out to help with a green pool or your swimming pool equipment then we can help.

All our cleaning visits consist of:

  • Skim / net the surface of the swimming pool
  • Brush the swimming pool side walls
  • Clean under lip / border tiles
  • Clean out & empty the skimmer baskets
  • Vacuum the swimming pool floor
  • Empty the pump basket
  • Backwash the sand filter
  • Chemical testing
  • Top up the water level of your swimming pool

On each visit we will carry out and record details of the swimming pool water testing/treatment on a log sheet that is left in the swimming pool pump house.

The lists below are just some of the things we can help with

  • Residential and Commercial Swimming Pools and Servicing
  • Regular servicing and one off cleans, problem solving and swimming pool equipment breakdowns
  • Comprehensive onsite water analysis with a full detailed report every visit
  • Chemical supply and balancing along with advice on swimming pool maintenance programs

All swimming pool equipment sales, repairs and installation including:

  • Swimming pool pumps, pool filters, pool heating, salt water chlorinators, automatic chlorine doses, ozonisers, automatic pool cleaners and more
  • Swimming Pool toys, swimming aides and a variety of leisure goods and outdoor products
  • Green pool restorations, swimming pool cleaning and stain removal
  • Customer training and swimming pool hand overs to experienced and new owners and tenants
  • We often get call outs to fix automatic swimming pool cleaners. We are able to quickly troubleshoot the problem and if required recommend the best cleaner for your swimming pool.
  • We have access to a wide range of cleaners with varying prices and warranties we will ensure your swimming pool cleaner does the best it can based on its environment.

Is Your Swimming Pool Looking Dull or Cloudy?

  • Maybe you need a Sand Change for your Swimming Pool Filter
  • Often a cloudy or dull looking swimming pool can be suffering from a filtration problem. Once we check everything else for you, such as water balance and running times, it may be time to change your sand filter

For more information please click here, or you can call us on: 0034 662 671 379