Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Don’t spoil your fun at the swimming pool side with carelessness or forgetfulness by getting hurt. swimming Pools are for fun! Some highlights to remember….

Thunderstorms: The Red Cross and other safety organizations recommend moving into indoor shelters for the duration of a thunderstorm.

Fencing: Your community may have specific regulations concerning protection to be installed around your swimming pool. Some require sturdy 6-foot fencing. This prevents children or pets from using the pool when there are no adults present to supervise.

Non-Swimmers at the Swimming Pool: Unsupervised activity by non-swimmers can turn out to be dangerous. Don’t be afraid to ask if your guests can swim. If they can’t, make sure a swimmer is present at all times. Always keep a “Shepherd’s Crook” and a life ring available for emergency use.

First aid kit Location: Make certain everyone in your family, and visitors, know where you keep first aid equipment (Band-Aids, iodine, etc.) Keep it handy, in a convenient location. (But, well away from the reach of small children!)

Electrical Appliances: Keep them away from the swimming pool, lest they are knocked into the water. For safety with the use of electrical appliances, radios, TV’s etc., talk to your pool dealer about a ground fault interrupter. The interrupter will avoid potential danger by shutting off power if a sudden power surge occurs at poolside.

Swimming Pool Markings: Private pools don’t require depth markings. It’s a good idea, anyway, to prevent someone from diving into water too shallow for complete safety.

Chemical Safety Tips: Some chemicals used in swimming pools may be hazardous if used improperly. Read and follow all directions and cautions listed on the labels. If there is anything you can’t understand, ask your swimming pool chemical supplier for help.

  1. Do not use quantities in excess of the recommended dosage on the label.
  2. After super chlorinating, you must wait until the free residual chlorine is at the level recommended by the label instructions.
  3. Keep all chemicals out of the reach of children.
  4. Containers should always be kept closed when not in use.
  5. Do not use contents of unlabelled containers.
  6. Never mix chemicals together. Add them to the swimming pool separately.
  7. Never add water to chemicals. Always add chemicals to water.
  8. Wash out the container when empty, and then dispose of it.
  9. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling any chemicals.
  10. Store chemicals in a cool, dry, clean place. Maintain good housekeeping procedures.
  11. Use only clean utensils to handle chemicals.
  12. Use separate, clean metal or plastic measuring cups for each chemical.

Family Safety Habits at the Poolside: At the beginning of each season, it’s a good idea to set certain safety rules at poolside so they can become habits practiced all season long: walking (not running) near swimming pool, eating and drinking away from the water, keeping glass containers outside the swimming pool area, using the diving board and slide properly, making sure electrical items and water toys are used carefully.

These are but a few of the safety rules you must consider.

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