Swimming Pool Re-Grouting

Our Fully Inclusive Swimming Pool Re Grout Charges, for Private/Domestic Swimming Pools:

Up to & Including an 8 by 4m Swimming Pool Only 695€

Over 8 by 4m Swimming Pools are Only 775€

Does My Swimming Pool Need Re-Grouting

A question we sometimes get asked is “Does my pool really need re-grouting?” well It depends on a few things:

  • Does your pool keep going green?
  • Do you have lots of black lines where the grout was/should be?
  • Are you getting black spots? (I don’t mean the one before your eyes!)
  • Is your pool becoming a problem?

Most of us don’t have these problems, but if you do and you have large areas of missing grout, then your swimming pool may need looking at.

Where the grout is missing algae spores will start to form on the lovely porous concrete under the tiles ( algae loves porous sufaces), this is why if left too long you will see black areas in your swimming pool.

The most common reason for needing a swimming pool re grout is the original mixture may have been made too weak. I have seen all too many times swimming pool grout being mixed to a consistency like paint,

The correct method is to mix to a thick paste and push the grout into the joints, wipe off the excess and polish off to a gloss-like sheen when dry.

It’s also possible that the pH in your water is too low (below 6.8) and literally eating away at the grout. Keep an eye on your pH and don’t let it drift below 7.0.

If you have an automatic pH controller, check the pH manually occasionaly as the sensors have a life-span of around two years (although they can last longer), leave it unchecked and you could find yourself needing a re-grout.

If you have just small areas where the grout is missing and you are having no problems and it’s not unsightly, my advice is leave it as long as you can – a swimming pool re-grout is never cheap – and you will have to empty your swimming pool and replace the water (costly).

If you think maybe your swimming pool needs a re-grout or indeed would like a full appraisal of your swimming pool and it’s system, just give us a call, we are friendly and don’t bite !

For more information please click here, or you can call us on: 0034 662 671 379